Excerpt from Professor Csaba’s paper

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Dr. Gábor Lenkei

09.03.2020 12 hours 11 minutes

Excerpt from Professor Csaba’s paper.

“The Coronavirus has reached us, as well, and while trying to hide from it with voluntary or official quarantine, we are essentially waiting for it to attack, surrendering with our hands up.
For what else do you call it when — talking about an airborne, droplet-borne viral disease —otherwise knowledgeable doctors in office advise us to wash hands with warm water and soap, instead of encouraging us to support the immune system, which is responsible for isolating and destroying the aggressor.”

“The immune system can be boosted (stimulated) by certain molecules, the best known of which are certain vitamins and trace elements.”

“A significant number of vitamins, which are not officially classified as medicines, but are called dietary supplements, and therefore despised by most practitioners, have the ability to boost innate immunity, which can be essential in the fight against non vaccine-preventable viral diseases.
These vitamins include:

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

“megadoses of vitamin C (1,000, 2,000 mg/day) have been shown to prevent 85% of colds and flu and reduce the severity of illness, especially in children.
When the vitamin was administered in combination with zinc, the effect was even more pronounced.”

Vitamin D

“Its deficiency is reflected in increased susceptibility to infectious diseases.
It plays a fundamental role in activating innate immunity and controlling inflammatory diseases of the lungs.
An intake of up to 1,000 units of vitamin D is recommended for people exposed to respiratory infections as a preventive measure.”

Vitamin E

“Its effect extends to almost all immune cell types.
In elderly people it protects against respiratory infections, it reduces the incidence of colds and infectious diseases in general by about 30%.
When deficient it reduces immune function, which can be restored by supplementation.
It increases the effectiveness of the immune system, especially in the elderly.”


“Zinc reduces the incidence and duration of colds by positively regulating both the innate and the adaptive immune systems.”

“In the absence of selenium, the influenza virus develops into a strain with increased pathogenicity, while excess selenium improves the chances of healing from viral diseases.”

“The administration of selenium in combination with zinc promotes immune cell function.”

“These few data – culled from the mass of articles – only serve to highlight the importance of vitamins and trace minerals in supporting the immune system.”

“The time has come to elevate vitamins and trace elements to their rightful and important place in the armoury of medicine.”

“They may not completely ward off infection with a virus or eliminate (remove) a virus from the body, but they are certainly more effective than washing your hands with soapy water (in 2020!).”

Dr György Csaba, Professor, Doctor of Medicine (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)


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